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About Us

We’re invested in our Nebraska, Western Iowa and Kansas City communities by being a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association.

Red Rhino Roofs is a team of seasoned, licensed roofers who take immense pride in delivering excellence, no matter the scale of the project in Nebraska, Western Iowa and Kansas City. Our commitment extends beyond mere transactions; we endeavor to forge enduring relationships with our clients, built on the pillars of trust, professionalism, quality, and service. Through meticulous planning and clear communication, we ensure a thorough understanding of every project from inception to completion, minimizing the risk of unwelcome surprises or dissatisfaction.

Why Choose Red Rhino Roofs for Your Roofing Needs in Omaha, Nebraska, Western Iowa and Kansas City?

Red Rhino Roofs is a leader in roofing services with a profound commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for the best roofers in Omaha, Nebraska, Western Iowa and Kansas City, we are your ideal roofing partner. We use modern roofing techniques that match the current industry standards.

Unmatched Quality Service

Rest assured of guaranteed quality work and timely completion for all your roofing needs, whether that’s inspection, repair, replacement, or new installation. At Red Rhino Roofs, we’re synonymous with professional excellence, offering a comprehensive range of services, including cedar shakes, re-decking, and asphalt shingles, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of everything we do. When you work with Red Rhino Roofs, expect nothing short of exceptional customer service. From guiding you through material selection to ensuring structural suitability, we keep you informed and involved at every step, employing cutting-edge technology and techniques to elevate your roofing experience.

Tailormade Roofing Solutions and Certified Technicians

At Red Rhino Roofs, we recognize that every client’s needs are unique. That’s why we don’t have a one-fit-all roofing solution and instead tailor roofing solutions to align with your specific requirements. Our team comprises industry-trained technicians, ensuring the highest standards of service delivery. Further, our comprehensive liability insurance covers all roofing works, providing you with added peace of mind.

As the seasons change in Omaha, Nebraska, Western Iowa and Kansas City, your home’s roofing may face the brunt of severe weather conditions. To safeguard your investment or embark on replacements, entrust your roofing needs to Red Rhino Roofs, your professional Omaha roofing company.

At Red Rhino Roofs, we are a reliable roofing contractor with the capacity to install your new roof in Nebraska, Western Iowa and Kansas City to a standard beyond your expectations.

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John Wanninger

John Wanninger

John Wanninger is the owner of Red Rhino Roofs and Inspectix Inspection Services.

With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years in Nebraska and Western Iowa, John has personally inspected more than 12,000 structures, including over 500 commercial properties. Drawing from this extensive experience and a rich background in construction, John ventured into the commercial roofing industry in 2017, founding Red Rhino Roofs.

At the core of John’s approach lies a commitment to fostering strong relationships and unwavering accountability to those we serve. We prioritize the needs of brokers and property management companies, ensuring exceptional service delivery.

John’s vast understanding of the industry is underscored by his close collaboration with these professionals in Omaha and beyond. He recognizes the importance of navigating time constraints, budgets, and the intricacies of managing various personalities to achieve our shared objectives.

Meet the Red Rhino Team

Why we are better

What we believe

We believe that everyone should be entitled to modern roofing techniques that match the current industry standards.

What we do

Red Rhino uses quality products from a variety of fine roofing material manufacturers to ensure that we meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Then we work with industry-trained technicians to guarantee the quality of service.

Certified Roofers

We are a team of certified and industry-trained technicians with a profound commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Awards & recognitions

BBB accredited, Greater Omaha Chamber Member, and Home Advisor Member are just a few of our Awards & Recognitions worth mentioning.

How We Can Help

Residential Services

Red Rhino Roofs is here to help your family find the roofing type, style, and color that will work best for your family’s Omaha home. From the initial inspection to the finished product, we will make the roofing process easy.

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Commercial Services

A leader in commercial roofing and home restoration, Red Rhino Roofs provides the highest-quality service paired with the highest quality products, and we do it all with a smile.

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Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are different from the underlying material used to build a roof. Coatings are what help maintain your roof in the face of external factors. There are many benefits to roof coatings.

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Red Rhino Roofs is a full-service company that offers quality workmanship, whether you need your home’s siding repaired or replaced.

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Red Rhino Roofs has experience in all kinds of gutter repair and replacements. We offer a variety of styles, colors, and options for gutters to meet our customers’ needs.

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We offer trustworthy and professional window repair and replacement in the Omaha area. You need windows that are strong, durable, beautiful, and energy-efficient.

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