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Siding selection & installation. Quality and low maintenance exterior.

Your home’s siding is one of the first things your visitors notice about your home. Not only is your siding there for aesthetic reasons, but your siding also protects the structure and the interior of your Omaha home from the harsh Midwestern weather. Your home needs siding that adds value to your home and stands the test of harsh winter weather. Your home’s siding is worth investing in, and we know the importance of quality siding and professional, efficient siding repair or replacement services. Your Omaha home’s siding should be insulated, durable, weather-resistant, energy-efficient, and add curb appeal to your Omaha home. If you are looking for a qualified and experienced home improvement company in Omaha that offers siding installation, repair, and more, Red Rhino Roofing offers quality siding solutions for you whether you need damage repaired or need to improve the look of your home. We offer a variety of siding options to meet your style, taste, and budget.

Red Rhino Roofing is a full-service company that offers quality workmanship, whether you need your home’s siding repaired or replaced. Red Rhino Roofing is dedicated to helping homeowners in the Omaha area improve the look and value of their homes. A variety of options are available for your home improvement, and you can expect superior customer service and a quality finished product from us. Contact Red Rhino Roofing about an initial consultation or home inspection. You and your family deserve a beautiful and safe home; Red Rhino Roofing can help you create a home that you can be proud of. Red Rhino Roofing has licensed, trustworthy professionals ready to complete a quality siding repair or replacement for your Omaha home.

Siding Type

We help home and property owners choose from over 5,000 different colors, materials, and performance options to design a roofing system that is energy-efficient, durable, and eye-appealing. Residential roofing systems can be designed to be weather, impact, algae, fire, and wind-resistant.


Of all the different home siding choices, viny undoubtedly stands out due to the excellent value it offers. Vinyl siding is designed to look good for long periods of time and retain its original color despite extreme exposure elements. Because of its easy installation and impressive performance without maintenance, the costs are brought down to a minimum

Cement Board

Fiber cement siding is constructed using a blend of cement, sand and cellulose materials. It closely resembles the look of real wood, while being more durable and easier to maintain.


LP siding is made from wood strands coated with wax. The strands are also bonded with resin and other binders. Zinc borate is added to the material for extra protection against insects and to prevent rot.


Red Rhino Roofs’ siding options include a range of metal panel systems designed for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. Used in modern and rustic projects alike, creativity drives each panel’s use into endless possible applications.

Cedar Shake

A cedar shake roof is a premium roof system made of natural wood (cedar) materials. While it serves the same functions as an asphalt or metal roof, it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing roofs you’ll see. That’s what sets a cedar shake roof apart from the more common roof types.

Recent Siding Projects

Red Rhino Siding Difference

Virtually Maintenance Free

Most siding materials (especially vinyl and fiber cement siding) require little or no maintenance to keep them looking great. That translates into less time spent on the exterior of your house, and more time relaxing and enjoying life.

Reduced Painting Costs

Vinyl siding never needs painting, and fiber cement siding holds its colors more than twice as long as other siding choices. Neither material fades, flakes, chips or cracks.

Increased Homes Values

Siding adds value to your home by giving it better “curb appeal.” New siding is consistently among the top performers in Remodeling magazine’s ranking of best home improvement values.

Energy Efficiency

Insulated siding adds an extra layer between the elements and your home. That means wind and cold can be stopped, helping to keep your family more comfortable and reducing monthly energy bills.

Strong warranties

Our strong warranties protect your home against damage or defective siding materials. Like all manufactured products, not all vinyl siding materials are created equal.

Roof Warranties

From simple repairs backed by 12-months of workmanship or new roofs backed with the industry’s best warranty system, we provide coverage for our work and your roof that means peace of mind. The Red Rhino Roof Guarantee® also comes with a no-blame guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee which means you’ll be completely covered and happy with your roof.

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  • 5 Years
  • 10 Years
  • 25 Years
  • 50 Years
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